Mazda - Trinidad & Tobago


SKYACTIV Technology

A full suite of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the revolution in every single one of the automobile's fundamental technologies, is featured in the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-5 and BT-50.

Fuel-efficient SKYACTIV engines with SKYACTIV-DRIVE and SKYACTIV-MT transmissions are your passport to a world of driving that is both exciting and eco-friendly. The SKYACTIV-BODY is engineered to be lighter in weight with better safety performance and increased rigidity. And the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS delivers even more of Mazda's famous feeling of oneness between the car and you, the driver.

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine

SKYACTIV-G engine models feature an evolved i-stop idle-stop system. This conserves fuel by shutting down the engine when the brake pedal is pressed and the car is brought to a stop at a traffic light or in a traffic jam. It automatically restarts the engine when the brake pedal is released. 

SKYACTIV-G petrol engines are used in the All-New Mazda3, Mazda6 and the CX-5.

SKYACTIV Transmissions


A new-generation highly-efficient automatic transmission that achieves excellent torque transfer efficiency through a wider lock-up range and features the best attributes of all transmission types.


  • Combines all the advantages of conventional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, and dual clutch transmissions.
  • A dramatically widened lock-up range improves torque transfer efficiency and realizes a direct driving feel that is equivalent to a manual transmission.
  • A 4-to-7 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to the current transmission.

SKYACTIV-Drive transmission is used in All-New Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5.

SKYACTIV Body and Chassis


Excellent rigidity supporting Mazda's fun-to-drive feel, with a lightweight body to achieve outstanding crash safety performance.


  • High rigidity and lightness (8 percent lighter, 30 percent more rigid)
  • Crash safety performance that meets the top criteria for rashsafety assessments in all markets (US-NCAP, Euro-NCAP, IIHS, JNCAP, etc).

SKYACTIV-BODY is used in All-New Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5.



  • Suspension and steering functions have been thoroughly revised to achieve the 'driving pleasure of oneness between car and driver'.
  • Driving quality has been raised to new levels through improvements to comfort and security.
  • Newly-developed front and rear suspension systems and electric power steering. Functional improvements are combined with reduced weight. The entire chassis is 14% lighter thnan the previous model.

SKYACTIV-CHASSIS is used in All-New Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5.


Mazda’s unique i-ELOOP regenerative braking system employs a capacitor to store electricity generated when the vehicle decelerates. Regenerative braking systems in general improve fuel economy by reducing the inherent parasitic drag of the alternator when possible, to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle under all modes of operation. Unlike other battery-based systems, i-ELOOP (the name is derived from “Intelligent Energy Loop”) is the world’s first capacitor-based system able to power all of a vehicle’s electrical components. 

i-ELOOP is used in Mazda6.