Mazda - Trinidad & Tobago



The pure form of excitement

One look is all it takes to tell you Mazda6 is something far beyond the ordinary.

This inspired expression of Mazda’s ‘KODO — Soul of Motion’ design theme fires the emotions from the moment you lay eyes on it, filling you with anticipation of the driving excitement to come. Three key concepts guided the KODO design: speed, tension and allure. Together, they resulted in a low, wide stance of controlled, dynamic power — of motion filled with vitality. This vitality is vividly expressed in every curve and every panel, suggesting forceful movement and graceful beauty. It’s a statement of style that transcends logic, instead speaking directly to the emotions, inspiring you to get in and drive. No other sports sedan can offer this exclusive air of graceful, supple muscularity and controlled tension: it’s unique to Mazda and to Mazda6. It makes every day and every drive something special.

Quite simply, it’s the pure form of excitement.